5 Tips for Sending Mobile Coupons and Offers

Using PHresh Apps gives you the power to send push notifications and deliver mobile coupons, offers, and other messages to users. But this amazing power has to be used in the right way, or it will be ineffective, or even worse, irritate users.

The five tips below deal with the most important points to remember. Follow them, and your mobile offers will become a significant pipeline to bring you increased sales and revenue in short order.

Mobile offers need to provide users with something of value, or they won’t be compelling and generate action. If your offer is for a 10% discount on an item that no one really wants, you won’t see much of a response. If, on the other hand, you offer something that people can’t resist, you’re going to have a much more successful campaign.

Of course, this is obvious to most people, but when designing an offer, it’s important to stop for a moment and think about whether people will really be interested in what you’re offering. If you’re merely doing something that’s convenient and free for you in the hopes that it will create a bit of buzz, it probably won’t work.

Time limits are a great way to boost response rates for your offers. If a coupon is only good for the coming weekend, people will be much more likely to redeem it. If it’s open-ended, however, they’ll file it away on the theory that they can pull it up if and when they decide to use it.

Selecting the right deadline will depend on your product and the nature of your offer. But remember – it doesn’t have to be a strict timeframe. You can give your offer a sliding structure, where earlier redemptions get better terms. Or you can offer second-chance redemptions after the offer expires. The key is to motivate people to act.

Don’t just push out an offer and leave it at that. Create signage for visitors to your physical location, post the offer (or a solicitation to download your app) to your social media profiles, leave up a banner on your website, include the offer in an email to your subscriber list, and more. Promote the offer so that it can succeed!

Experiment with days and times to find the sweet spot that maximizes redemptions. If you’re running a bar, for example, an offer sent out on a Friday afternoon will probably do better than a Monday morning offer. If you’re running a sub shop, an offer sent out an hour before lunch might be right for you. Analyze response rates at different times and days of the week, and find what works best for your business.

Don’t irritate users by sending offers too often. Daily is probably way too much. Think about businesses you enjoy – how often do you want them blowing up your phone? Every few weeks, maybe? Track your offers and user base, and send offers at a frequency that doesn’t negatively impact redemption and subscription rates.

If you decide to just send offers rarely to avoid these issues, don’t forget to stay regular. If you disappear, your messages will come out of the blue and customers will be less likely to redeem them. A certain level of regular communication is necessary to keep things “hot.”